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So while I'm putting off packing a bag for a flight I need to catch tomorrow morning, I thought I'd post a quick note about two concerts that I caught earlier in the week.

First up was TV on the Radio, who played two sold out shows at the Independent in San Francisco on Monday & Tuesday (5/1 & 5/2) earlier this week. Besides the fact that we had to sit through an absolutely terrible opening band (Celebration), TV on the Radio played an explosive set lasting nearly 90 minutes. The crowd was an interesting mix of all sorts of people too -- which made for an interesting bit of people-watching in between sets.

The most thought provoking piece of info that I kept chewing on throughout the night was to think of how TV on the Radio will soon be touring as an opening band for both Bauhaus and Nine Inch Nails on an upcoming summer outdoor amphitheater tour in the U.S. I just don't see the connection that typical Nine Inch Nails & Bauhaus fans will get with TV on the Radio... But we'll see!

The other band/musician that I had the chance to catch this week was a performance by Mellowdrone at Cafe Du Nord. This was probably the 3rd time I've caught Mellowdrone over the past 3-4 years, and I still haven't seen as good as a show as his first when he opened for Matt Nathanson at Slim's *years* ago!

Although his new album, Box, is incredible, he just can't seem to break out as a huge hit as I think he should. I can't seem to understand if it's due in part to his publicist, or his management, or the labels that have signed him in the past. It's really a shame because he's truly a great artist that's running the risk of being forever undiscovered like so many other great musicians.

Mellowdrone's show featured plenty of songs off the new album, although in all honesty, the new album is really a collection of songs from his previous releases. So anyway you slice and dice it, it was basically a 'greatest hits' show -- without any traditional radio hits because his manager sucks. ;)

Here's an excellent video:

So after a quick weekend trip to Chicago this weekend, I'll be down in LA attending the E3 Expo, then back to SF for a concert on Thursday night at the Fillmore to see Dredg and then again on Saturday night to see the Brazilian Girls. Reviews for each show will follow shortly! Oh, forgot to mention that I'll be lucky enough to catch up-to 4 of 6 total performances by Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh while I'm down at E3. Vrenna & Walsh will be performing twice daily at the NCSoft booth, so I'm hoping to slip out of a few meetings and catch at least a couple of their performances.

More to come...

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