Conan O'Brien @ the San Jose State Event Center (5/5/2010)

Kevin Keating
Conan O'Brien's 'Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on TV' tour swung through the Bay Area last night appearing at San Jose State's Event Center in front of a sold out crowd who chose to spend their Cinco De Mayo with Conan instead of a margarita. Conan brought along his trusty side-kick, Andy Richter, along with the Legally Prohibited Band, led by Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg. Two 'Co-Kett's' also joined the band as background singers.

Conan spent the evening changing up between canned comedy bits, musical numbers and pre-taped video segments. One of Conan's Tonight Show writers even did a 5-10 minute stand-up routine, which was arguably one of the funniest moments of the show.

Here's a bit of his opening monologue where he made references to the number of geeks in the audience and funny comments about how he didn't even know San Jose had a hockey team -- one that's in the playoffs, no less!:

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the masturbating bear both made appearances as well, although Conan was quick to point out that both were potentially the intellectual property of NBC. The masturbating bear quickly changed costumes into the self-gratifying panda bear in an effort to avoid any potential legal challenges.

Another great moment was a collection of Walker Texas Ranger clips that Conan spun through towards the end of the night. Here was the best clip:

He performed a number of rock(abilly) songs throughout the night. Here's how they closed the show and a clip at the end of Conan running around the auditorium with the inflatable Meatloaf bat onstage as well:

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