Tool @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (7/12/10)

Kevin Keating

Maynard James Keenan and crew rocked the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium last night to a sold out crowd with a nearly 2-hour set that included classics like, 'Intolerance', from their first full-length album released in 1993, Undertow. MJK asked how many from the crowd were under 21 just before kicking into the song and joked that they hadn't been born yet when the song had been written.

The stage show was heavy on some great visuals across several screens and the addition of a laser show throughout points of the concert as well. Here's a clip of 'Vicarious' that shows some of the lasers and trippy videos that kicks in around the 1-minute mark:

The complete set-list included:

The one thing that I've always loved about Tool is the driving, rhythmic bass lines and the fact that MJK takes a back seat to the music. Once again, he positioned himself towards the back of the stage, with the rest of the band taking lead positions. Whether it's stage fright or his interest in trying to keep out of the public eye, you'll rarely see him in the spotlight.

Here's their performance of 'Schism' last night:

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