Review - Mew @ the Fillmore (8/22/17)

Kevin Keating
Jonas Bjerre of Mew (Photo: Kevin Keating)
Last night belonged to Danish indie pop rockers, Mew, who hit the Fillmore in support of the release of their 7th album, Visuals (iTunes)! The last time we caught Mew was back in 2007 — also at the Fillmore — in support of their fourth album, And the Glass Handed Kites (iTunes). And at the time, they were riding a rising tide after their hits “156” (iTunes) and “Why Are You Looking So Grave?” (iTunes) which featured J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. fame on vocals.

Fast forward to 2017 and Mew are still at it, and surprisingly, still trying to break into bigger audiences. The show last night was around two-thirds full, which wasn’t all that bad given it was a school night. I’d also guess that they’ve been hampered by little radio support here in the States, but that didn’t deter their core fanbase who were transfixed throughout the night.
Mads Wegner of Mew (Photo: Kevin Keating)
When he’s not the lead singer of Mew, Jonas Bjerre, spends his time as a visual designer, and has been responsible for the majority of the band’s visual designs — both album art and the videos for their live performances. This combination of visuals and the band’s unique sound are what truly set Mew apart, and which is why it’s surprising that the band hasn’t become bigger here in the US.
Mew's Johan Wohlert (Photo: Kevin Keating)
As you’ll see from the setlist below, the new album is featured prominently in their live show, but you’ll also hear their core hits from earlier in their catalog as well. Opening the night was the Chicago-based 3-piece Monakr whose lead singer both looked and sounded like Adam Levine (which is meant as a compliment.) Monakr felt like a good fit as opening act and complimented Mew well.

Be sure to check out their tour schedule to see if/when they’ll be playing in your city!

Mew Setlist The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA 2017, Visuals-North America 2017 Tour

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