Review - Larkin Poe @ the Rickshaw Stop (7/19/18)

Larkin Poe @ the Rickshaw Stop (Photo: Kate Haley)
Larkin Poe @ the Rickshaw Stop (Photo: Kate Haley)
Make no mistake: Larkin Poe is a live band and I mean that in the best way. I got a copy of their album, Peach (iTunes), as soon as it came out last year and I recommend it highly as it’s a beautiful album. Larkin Poe announced that they are in the middle of recording what will be their second studio release, Venom and Faith, which is slated to come out this year and—again-- I’ll be first in line at the record store. Still, I’ve always wondered how Peach would have played with a little more grit.
Larkin Poe's Megan & Rebecca Lovell (Photo: Kate Haley)
Larkin Poe's Rebecca & Megan Lovell (Photo: Kate Haley)
This show at the Rickshaw Stop was the first time I caught Larkin Poe and Rebecca Lovell’s full-on initial riff and broad vocalization promised all the pith I was hoping for. Midway through the show she said “This isn’t Netflix. We’re not on our couches. We’re here together and this is an once-in-a-lifetime thing”. While it was a rapid-fire comment, looking around it seemed to hit us all; a collective nod issued. She continued “I’m screwing up all over the place people, but this is real.” Like I said: A live band. Experience them that way.

There aren’t too many people that are suitable to cover the likes of Lead Belly and Son House and hearing it come out of this talented sister act really got my attention. I first heard Larkin Poe when I stumbled upon them on YouTube in a casual video shot at Norman’s Rare Guitars and I haven’t stopped listening since.

In the show at the Rickshaw Stop, they mixed traditionals and new work, offering up all with the same authenticity and over the top energy that never compromised nuance. There were so many gems in this show and even a tip of a hat to "I Shot the Sheriff" made it in. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have located true musicologists.

Kevin McGowan, on drums, really got the tempo of "John the Revelator", providing the foundation for this song to jump the rails on. Brent Tarka Layman on bass never fails to disappoint. Megan Lovell, AKA “The Slide Queen”, played her Rickenbacker lap steel with a steady hand that did this instrument justice. Rebecca shouted out “That’s my sister!” after a particularly emotive solo.
Larkin Poe's Megan Lovell (Photo: Kate Haley)
Larkin Poe's Megan Lovell (Photo: Kate Haley)
"Cast ‘Em Out", billed as a message of hope, played with a sweetness that served as a refreshing compliment to the delta blues. "Might as Well Be Me" was solid and I anticipated it was the final number before encore. Wrong again. They followed with "Wanted Woman - AC/DC" to the crowd’s delight.

Encoring with Robert Johnson’s "Come on in My Kitchen", had Rebecca walking out into the crowd, arm hoisted high in the tight circle of people around her. Looking down from the balcony I was struck with how, after all these years, it was still the music of the people.
Larkin Poe's Rebecca Lovell (Photo: Kate Haley)
Larkin Poe's Rebecca Lovell (Photo: Kate Haley)
Having spoken with many folks around me we all agreed that this was crazy to have such a power house band in the intimate concert venue. Everyone had a story of how they discovered Larkin Poe and immediately became huge fans. We all knew how lucky we were to be there, sharing this unfolding secret of the band that is rapidly becoming the evolution of blues in our times. Keep an eye on their tour schedule at here.

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Larkin Poe Setlist Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA, USA 2018

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