Bustle In Your Hedgerow at the Independent (5/11/07)

A couple of months ago I got a call from my college buddy saying 'Kev, you gotta check these guys out!' The guys he told me about are, Bustle In Your Hedgerow, a 'super-group' jam-band that only play instrumental Led Zeppelin songs. The band consists of Marco Benevento on the Hammond organ, Joe Russo on drums, Ween's Dave Driewitz on bass and Scott Metzger on guitar. Benevento & Russo normally play jazzy rock instrumentals and go by "The Duo" when they're off on their own.

Expecting the show would sell out quickly, I bought tix when they went on sale. Oddly though, tickets were still available even as close to a few days before the show; but they eventually sold out by show-time last night. Only a few weeks after I bought tickets, I found out that Porcupine Tree would be playing the same night, but having just recently seen Blackfield (a Porcupine Tree off-shoot -- see review here) I wasn't too worried about skipping the Porcupine show.

So first up was a five-piece all female band called "Rocket" -- in your mind, think 'the Bangles on steroids'. These ladies rocked and had a blast doing it! After a relatively quick 30-minute set, it was time to get ready to get the Led out!

The lads came on stage just after 10.30pm and kick started into a 'best of' collection of Zeppelin songs. The crowd went wild and quickly plumes of smoke made the Independent look as if someone had turned on a smoke machine. A guy standing next to me tapped my shoulder and asked for rolling papers -- unfortunately, i was all out at the time! ;) Why is it that weed and jam bands go hand-in-hand?

Anyway, I was able to capture "Kashmir" and "Communication Breakdown" that I've added below. This is definitely a fun show if they come through your town. If you even mildly like Zeppelin, check these guys out -- and don't forget your rolling papers!


Communication Breakdown:

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