Autolux with This Will Destroy You @ the Great American Music Hall (8/11/10)

Kevin Keating
Autolux - Carla Azar (drums), Eugene Goreshter (bass), Greg Edwards (guitar)
Three-piece LA-based indie-pop band, Autolux, released their sophomore album 'Transit Transit' a week before kicking off their 2010 tour at the Great American Music Hall last night in San Francisco to a near capacity crowd. Opening for Autolux was This Will Destroy You, a Texan post-rock, instrumental 4-piece very similar to Explosions in the Sky -- both of which have done various TV commercial and soundtrack work over the past few years.

I'd last seen Autolux when they performed a few years ago during the 2007 SF Noisepop festival at the Independent -- here's my review from that show. As you can hear below, they've got a unique sound and so far have received plenty of positive press, but little in the way of commercial success.

Anyway, This Will Destroy You played for about 40 minutes before clearing the stage for Autolux who took the stage at 10:20pm and played through until about 11:45pm.

For those of you who haven't heard of Autolux before, they released their first full album, Future Perfect, in 2004 to critical acclaim and have been compared to Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. Their sound is a low-fi, fuzz pop-rock with lush harmonies interspersed through tommy-gun drum beats.

Here's their most popular single from their first album, "Turnstyle Blues," from last night's show:

Throughout their 90-minute set, the band made it through their entire new album, Transit Transit, and were able to hit a few of my favorites from Future Perfect. If you were at the show, let me know the name of the song that I missed in the setlist below!

Transit Transit
Audience No. 2
The Bouncing Wall
Turnstyle Blues
The Science of Imaginary Solutions

Headless Sky

Since they're just kicking off their tour, be sure to try and make it to their show when they come to your city! Here's a link to their tour dates.

Don't miss Autolux!

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