An Interview with Jennifer Lewis of Jenny & Johnny

Jenny & Johnny (Photo credit: Autumn De Wilde)
Jennifer Lewis and Johnathan Rice, aka Jenny & Johnny, are playing two nights next week at the Great American Music Hall on Sept 2nd and 3rd. They're out supporting the release of their recent album I'm Having Fun Now and took a break for a quick Q&A with SF Bay Area Concerts.

To catch the duo live, be sure to get tickets while you can for: Sept. 2nd or Sept. 3rd

SFBAC: Jenny, you’ve performed a number of times in San Francisco, do you have any interesting stories from any of those performances?

J&J: Once we had an after-hours jam at a certain music hall that is both "american" and "great" with Benji Hughes. Pretty sure that was Will Oldham's gear on stage. We didn't think he would mind his microphone being tickled by the beard of another (beard was Benji's).

SFBAC: Do you have a favorite venue in SF and is there a venue you haven’t yet played in SF that you would love to?

J&J: Love the Fillmore. One of the best in the hemisphere.

SFBAC: Of all the places you've toured in the past, what cities stand out and why?

J&J: I love all cities in Florida. Particularly Wibor City, where I played with M. Ward, who is the Elvis Presely of Wibor City.

SFBAC: Can you describe what you feel has been your biggest ‘break’ so far?

J&J: At a concert in Lake Tahoe, Common, the rapper, jumped up and down on a onyx victorian mourning key that Johnathan gave to me as a gift and I had left onstage, breaking it into three pieces. It was an accident, of course. The pieces have been salvaged and reassembled.  No harm done.

SFBAC: You’ve been compared to bands such as Pavement and the Lemonheads. Do you think those comparisons are valid, and who would you say is your music most influenced by?

J&J: Love Dando. Love Malkmus. Can't put ourselves in that lofty company.

SFBAC: What’s currently in rotation on your ipod/phone?

J&J: Band: Harlem. Album's called ‘Hippies’. Also, "The Umbrella of US Power" by Noam Chomsky.

SFBAC: Of all the artists you’ve worked with over the years, who stands out and why?

J&J: Mike Mogis. He's been there every step of the way. Thanks Man!

SFBAC: What artist(s) would you want to collaborate with in the future (who you haven't already worked with)?

J&J: Burning Dan.

Thanks for your time and good luck on the rest of your tour! We're looking forward to catching you in San Francisco next week!

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