Helmet @ the Blank Club (8/11/10)

Kevin Keating

Helmet brought the 'thinking man's metal' to the Blank Club in San Jose this past weekend and delivered a blistering performance spanning over 20 years of material. This was the third show of their first headlining US tour in a few years to support the release of Seeing Eye Dog with Bison BC opening in support.
Page Hamilton
Over the years, the Helmet line-up has changed but Page Hamilton, lead singer/guitarist and founding member of the band, has stayed consistent with the sound and delivery. Page was backed-up by Dan Beeman (guitar), Kyle Stevenson (drums) and Dave Case (bass) who each joined the band over the past few years.

Ultimately, the performance that night was tight, but showed signs of being early in the tour. Page often chatted up the audience in-between songs, and asked for requests throughout. Although the setlist is below, the order of the songs played jumped around a bit as Page admitted that he’d accidentally skipped one of the earlier songs in the night (I think it was “Exactly”), which they later played after realizing it had been skipped.

Here’s one of my personal favorites from the 1992 album, Meantime, “Unsung”:

And another 1992 classic, "Ironhead":

Here's the official setlist:

 Be sure to check them out when they come to your town!

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