Recoil, Architect & Conjure One @ the Mezzanine (10/21/10)

Alan Wilder (Recoil)
Alan Wilder (Recoil)
Renowned electronic musicians, Alan Wilder, Daniel Myer and Rhys Fulber graced San Francisco's Mezzanine on Friday night as their respective performing moniker's Recoil, Architect and Conjure One.

We had the chance to interview Alan a few weeks before the show that you can find here.

Conjure One, after joining the tour that night, was up first and was joined on stage by Leah Randi who has joined Rhys before with his other role in Delerium -- the mellow offshoot of industrial trailblazers Front Line Assembly. The duo performed for about 30 minutes supporting their newest release, Exilarch.

After a short break, Alan took to the stage to introduce Daniel Myer's Architect as seen here:

Architect played another relatively short set of about 30 minutes before leaving the stage for what the crowd was really there to see.

Alan was joined onstage by Paul Kendall who shared laptop and knob twiddling duties throughout the night. The music was accompanied by a movie shot specifically for this tour as explained by Alan in our previous interview here. And as I looked around at the crowd, I had the feeling that half of them were expecting Alan to break into Depeche Mode songs, with the other half clearly getting into the performance of the night. Luckily, those DM fans got their wish with a remix of 'Never Let Me Down Again'. Here's the song from a performance in Hamburg I pulled from YouTube:

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