An Interview with The Movielife's Vinnie Caruana

The Movielife (Photo: Vince Sadonis)
The influential hardcore punk band, The Movielife, hits Slim's next Thursday night (April 2nd) in one of only a few select reunion shows throughout the country. As of this writing, tickets are still available here. We had a chance to catch-up with Vinnie Caruana earlier this week to discuss how this reunion came together and their future plans! Be sure to catch them when they come to town next week!

SFBAC: I'm guessing the top question you're getting right now is 'How did this reunion tour come together?' Are there any similarities to your brief reunion back in 2011?

Vinnie Caruana: It is similar in the way that me and Brandon Reilly had been talking and The Movielife came up.. It is different this time .I feel like we all have time to fit this into our lives and have a great time doing it. It feels like the right time for me to do this and we are lucky that people care as much as they do about The Movielife.

SFBAC: Does this mean that you're writing and recording again too?

Vinnie Caruana: I wouldn't rule any of that kinda thing out. The door is open for any possibilities.

SFBAC: Your original releases ('99 - '03) came out at the start of the music industry implosion, and it's clear that you still have a core following of Movielife fans. What do you think of the current state of the music industry and how does that impact your plans or views on any potential future recording plans?

Vinnie Caruana: Yeah things have definitely changed.  Friendster was the cutting edge of social media when we broke up. It doesn't change anything for us. If we feel like creating a piece of art one day, we will do that. 

SFBAC: Your upcoming SF show on April 2nd is at Slim's which is a great venue. Do you have other favorites in the Bay Area?

Vinnie Caruana: Bottom of the hill was always a fun spot. SF is one of my favorite cities in the world, I've spent quite a bit of time there. SF people have it figured out. They love where they live. I love that.

SFBAC: Do you have any memorable stories from past shows in SF that you can share?

Vinnie Caruana: I sang on The Rondo Brothers record right before a show at Bottom of the Hill. They paid me in weed and edibles. We drove over night through Nevada and broke down in Elko Nevada. Couldn't get the parts we needed for 4 days. We were broke and had nothing to do in a one horse town. With no vehicle. So we smoked an ounce and a half of weed. In 4 days. Used bible pages when we ran out of papers.

SFBAC: As you tour, do you notice differences among the crowds in each city? What are those differences?

Vinnie Caruana: Our crowds have grown older with us. But I do also see a lot of younger kids who never had the chance to see us! It's lovely.

SFBAC: Right now, you've announced this upcoming short US tour and a few dates in the UK. Can you share any other plans for 2015?

Vinnie Caruana: We are doing weekend trips here and there about once a month. Slow but steady. Fielding offers and deciding which ones make sense.

SFBAC: That's it from us! Thanks again for your time and can't wait to see your show at Slim's in a few weeks!

Vinnie Caruana: See ya soon. Xoxo VC

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