Review - Bela Fleck & Chick Corea @ the Bing Concert Hall (9/19/15)

Bela Fleck / Chick Corea (Photo: Kevin Keating)
Who would have suspected that jazz piano and bluegrass banjo mix together like an Arnold Palmer? I'll tell you: Bela Fleck and Chick Corea.

The duo first worked together back in 1994 during the recording of the Flecktone's Tales from the Acoustic Planet.

Chick Corea (Photo: Kevin Keating)

From then on, Bela & Chick have continued to perform, write and record together, and their most recent album, Two, a two-disc compilation of some of their best live performances over four years, is an absolute showcase of their incredible talents.

Bela Fleck (Photo: Kevin Keating)

The pair stopped off at the Bing Concert Hall this past Saturday night on the campus of Stanford University in between a short residency in San Francisco for the opening of the SF Jazz Festival, and a trip to Monterey for the closing of the Monterey Jazz Festival on Sunday, Sept. 20th.

The evening at the the Bing was magic, as the two performed for nearly two hours, not including a short intermission.

Buy tickets immediately if you have a chance to see these guys perform in concert! You won't be disappointed!

Here's their trailer for the release of Two:

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