Review - Larkin Poe @ the Fillmore (2/9/23)

Kate Haley
Larkin Poe @ the Fillmore (Photo: Jennie Book)
Larkin Poe @ the Fillmore (Photo: Jennie Book)

Larkin Poe’s performance at the Fillmore in San Francisco was a powerhouse and deeply personal one. Lovell sisters, Rebecca and Megan, communicated that multigenerational, inherent genetic connection guides their extensive volume of original work and reinvented blues classics, spanning over six albums.

The majority of the songs played were from the newly released Blood Harmony album, which they are touring in support of, but we also saw crowd-pleasers from previous works and two covers in the seventeen song performance. Megan Lovell played a soulful slide guitar. Tarka Layman on bass and Kevin McGowan on drums provided perfect timing and drove the groove that stayed consistently in the pocket throughout the night.

Larkin Poe @ the Fillmore (Photo: Jennie Book)
Larkin Poe @ the Fillmore (Photo: Jennie Book)

Rebecca Lovell, on electric guitar and lead vocals, spoke about how the roots of their music are intrinsically tied to their band's DNA. The sisters, having built on almost two decades worth of musical history together -- first as the Lovell Sisters and then as Larkin Poe -- often reflect how their sisterhood has been the central, driving force in their works. Coming from Atlanta, Georgia and now residing in Nashville, Tennessee, their roots have shaped their songs with an enduring passion for the deep South, arguably heard more-so in the Blood Harmony album than any other.

It was a mobilizing show with “She’s a Self-Made Man”, which hit #1 on the Billboard blues album chart, being directed at the ladies in the audience. It was also courage building as they spoke about stage anxiety, giving the hopeful reminder that it’s better once you just do it. Like many of the other blues greats, the songs and chats produced life lessons, whether it’s amassing final independence as a woman or dealing with issues that arise no matter how beyond capable a person is.

Larkin Poe @ the Fillmore (Photo: Jennie Book)
Larkin Poe @ the Fillmore (Jennie Book)

Larkin Poe is one of the bands I recommend the most as they have solidified their place in the roots and blues music cannon, which—of course—underlies everything rock related. Every album is iconic but be sure to check out Blood Harmony here.

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Larkin Poe Setlist The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA 2023, Blood Harmony

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